Bittinikkari Apps's where indie happens!

Bittinikkari Apps is a one man indie game studio located in Jyväskylä, Finland.



Games that we develop are mainly created using Unity game engine and target variety of different platforms, like Android and iOS.


Applications that we develop include, for example, native Android apps and multi-platform apps but main focus is on game development at the moment.

Web pages

Web page development we provide is done using modern technologies but main focus is on game development at the moment.



Corinthian Bagatelle

Released: 2018

An easy and fun mobile version of the traditional board game. Game offers several different boards to choose from.


Released: 2019

Classic worm/snake game with a twist. Be careful not to get squished - dig underground to be safe.

Video Poker 3D

Released: TBA

Upcoming classic video poker game that is currently under development.


Simon Says: Play Disc Golf!

Disc Golf utility application

Released: TBA

Disc golf utility application currently under development.


Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

Business ID: 3130808-3

Email: support(at)